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Hot Toys GOTG Vol. 2 – Cosbaby Bobble-Head Series 2


Finally, Guardians have landed on our planet! As Marvel StudiosGuardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 has just arrived, Hot Toys is introducing some additional Guardians to our Cosbaby family.

The latest Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Cosbaby Bobble-Head Series 2 features a number of devoted Guardians including Star-Lord, Rocket with Groot on his head, Mantis, Yondu and Nebula!

Fans will have 2 sets to choose from. With Star-lord wearing a headset attached to his cassette player, dressed up in his long velvet-red jacket, t-shirt and holding his Element Guns, creating a great contrast with Mantis in her green outfit waving to say hello to fans, it’s just an irresistible combo.

Another surprising set is Yondu & Rocket with Groot on his head. Yondu is cool and stylish with his Mohawk fin, velvet-coloured trench coat and purple suit. He also has his Yaka Arrow ready for launch. All of these characters are about 9.5cm in height except for Rocket carrying Groot on his head, it’s about 14cm. Rocket Cosbaby carry two guns and it is flying in mid-air with his duo jetpack. Being his best partner, the cute Baby Groot just lies comfortably on Rocket’s head with such an adorable innocent expression. Groot Cosbaby will come with a new magnetic feature.

On top of these cool collectible sets, Nebula and Groot in Ravager outfit Cosbabies will be available individually. Cool-looking Nebula is dressed in her red battling suit carrying a gun, while the other hand will be her robotic arm. How about Groot in Ravager battling suit? Yes, with adorable look of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, Hot Toys has specifically creates another Groot Cosbaby version for Marvel enthusiasts!

Are you obsessed over the Guardians? Don’t miss the chance to complete your Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Cosbaby collection!

MARVEL最受影迷期待的超级英雄大作《銀河守護隊2》現已熱爆上映,被堪稱MARVEL 史上最佳續集!Hot Toys 現以超萌造型把擁有「一觸看人心」異能的Mantis、統領「掠奪黨」搶遍銀河系的Yondu 和經嚴厲訓練的「宇宙霸王」魁隆養女 Nebula 化身Q版COSBABY,當中Mantis 與 Yondu 更各自火併 「守護隊」成員組合成兩套分別是: 「Star-Lord & Mantis」 和 「Rocket、Groot & Yondu」COSBABY (S) 迷你珍藏人偶套裝,跟隊與一眾銀河英雄延續穿梭太空旅程繼續執行保衛銀河的任務!

【一套兩款《銀河守護隊2》Star-Lord & Mantis COSBABY迷你珍藏人偶套裝】
戴著隨身聽耳機的Star-Lord COSBABY雙手握著專屬短槍武器,展現出一張滿滿自信的笑容;由外星族人壹高 (Ego) 養大的Mantis 角色COSBABY擁有一對螳螂般的觸鬚,穿上整套以綠色和黑色為主調的太空戰服,左手擺出觸模的手勢,施展她探視別人心思的異能。(以上兩款COSBABY (S) 為套裝獨有)

【一套三款《銀河守護隊2》Rocket、Groot & Yondu COSBABY迷你珍藏人偶套裝】
此「最佳逃獄拍檔」 COSBABY (S) 迷你珍藏人偶套裝,包括: 穿上太空戰服和飛行背包,手執專屬雙槍以飛行姿態登場的Rocket、調皮搗蛋又萌萌地以爬行姿勢蹲在Rocket頭上賣萌討趣的Groot,以及頭上戴上棗紅色「推動器」頭冠與一身藍皮膚,能殺敵於無形的宇宙惡名昭彰的大盜 Yondu。 (以上三款COSBABY (S) 為套裝獨有)

【《銀河守護隊2》Nebula COSBABY迷你珍藏人偶 (單裝)】
Hot Toys 為圓滿整個《銀河守護隊2》COSBABY 迷你珍藏人偶系列,現更推出「宇宙霸王」魁隆另一養女 ─ Nebula COSBABY 迷你珍藏人偶。穿上紅色太空戰服造型的Nebula COSBABY,全身塗裝上藍色和紫色皮膚,並細緻印上機械紋理和特別打造了左手的機械手臂,右手拿著短槍,表現出冰冷殺手的感覺。

【《銀河守護隊2》Groot COSBABY迷你珍藏人偶 (單裝)】
Q萌可愛的 Groot 備受廣大觀眾歡迎,因此,Hot Toys更為Groot 追加了一款單裝版本的Groot COSBABY (S) 供顧客選購。此款Groot COSBABY 是穿上RAVAGER 太空戰服的造型,配上一對棕色水汪汪的眼睛,全身刻上了樹木紋理,顯露出一副天真無邪的樣子,Q萌可愛。

由即日起Hot Toys香港專門店 ─ Secret Base接受顧客預訂。

【一套兩款《銀河守護隊2》Star-Lord & Mantis COSBABY迷你珍藏人偶套裝】

【一套三款《銀河守護隊2》Rocket、Groot & Yondu COSBABY迷你珍藏人偶套裝】

【Groot & Nebula COSBABY組合預訂優惠】

Hot Toys Limited 及Hot Toys Secret Base Limited保留更改上述活動之條款及細則的權利,如有任何爭議,本公司將保留最終決定權。

The newly introduced Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Cosbaby Bobble-Head Series 2 are now taking pre-order!

Customers can come to Hot Toys’ Hong Kong Official Store – Secret Base to pre-order starting today!

Hot Toys Limited & Hot Toys Secret Base Limited reserve the rights for final decision of the above terms & conditions if changes occur.

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