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Hot Toys POTC5 1/6th scale DX15 Jack Sparrow Collectible Figure


“The dead have taken command of the sea. They’re searching for Sparrow!”

Coming up, another legendary Disney production, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is just around the corner. After 6 years, the highly anticipated blockbuster will finally be released later this month.

Cursed by Captain Jack Sparrow into the Devil’s Triangle, the terrifying Captain Salazar is resurrected and made a dead set at taking out all pirates at sea, particularly seeking out Jack Sparrow at all cost for his revenge.

It’s been a long voyage since the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in 2011. Hot Toys is very excited to bring an all-new Captain Jack Sparrow 1/6th scale collectible figure on board from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales as the latest addition to fans beloved DX Series.

Made with meticulous craftsmanship, the remarkable head sculpt features 2 interchangeable faces with patented Interchangeable Faces Technique and separate rolling eyeballs, highly intricate and brand new tailored costumes based on Jack Sparrow’s iconic outfit. A large assortment of weapons and accessories are also included to recreate the authentic likeness of this legendary pirate in the film. Along with the figure, it also comes with a surprisingly elaborated diorama figure stand inspired by his sailing adventures.

Set sail with Captain Jack Sparrow! Upgrade your Pirates collection with the newest 1/6th scale Collectible Figure from his most adventurous moments yet in the upcoming blockbuster.


迪士尼賣座系列《加勒比海盜》在睽違6 年大銀幕,全新續集《加勒比海盜: 惡靈啟航》即將於本年5月25日魔盜回歸!隨人偶的設計和製作技術的突破,世界頂級珍藏人偶品牌Hot Toys (www.hottoys.com.hk) 以《加勒比海盜》系列,重新啟動豪華配套的 “DX Series”– 誠意推出《加勒比海盜: 惡靈啟航》積克船長 1:6比例珍藏人偶,極像真頭雕配專利臉部互換及可動眼球技術、細緻的服飾造型、豐富的武器和配件,以及特別設計一個重現海盗船於驚濤駭浪中航行的情景地台,絕對是一套魔盜狂迷不能錯過的頂級收藏!

為配合電影《加勒比海盜: 惡靈啟航》的強勁聲勢, Hot Toys首席頭雕師Kojun及美術總監JC. Hong的黃金組合再度聯手,透過精湛的雕刻與塗裝工藝,並結合Hot Toys取得專利權換臉技術 (Interchangeable Faces Techniques/ IFT) 及可動眼球 (Separate Rolling Eyeballs),精心打造出一顆能配換兩個不同表情神態的積克船長頭雕!

此外,Hot Toys 根據演員的身型比例製作出高逾30cm、全身具30多處可動關節的可動人偶素體。整套標誌性的積克船長服飾都有著極多細節,除了掛滿全身的小飾物,Hot Toys設計師更精心揀選整套服飾的布料,透過巧手工藝細心處理皮帶壓花、衣鈕、繡線以及舊化塗裝等等。更為此套人偶配備豐富的武器和配件包括: 一張印有積克船長人像的通緝令、兩把手槍、一把配劍 (連劍套)、一把刃手 (連刀套)、一個小型望遠鏡、一個酒樽、一個內藏一艘黑珍珠號的仿玻璃樽及7隻塗裝上紋身圖案的手掌以供替換。為增強人偶的電影臨場感,Hot Toys設計團隊運用獨特的藝術性和創意性,以積克船長將與宿敵沙拉撒船長對決一幕為藍本,塑造出一個藝術級的人偶情景地台,展現出積克船長無懼洶湧的海浪,展開海盜生涯最凶險的終極一戰!

由即日起 Hot Toys 香港專門店 ─ Secret Base 接受顧客預訂,預訂價為:HK$1,630 (另備有會員折扣優惠)

備註: Hot Toys Limited 及 Hot Toys Secret Base Limited 保留更改上述活動之條款及細則的權利,如有任何爭議,本公司將保留最終決定權。

The newly introduced Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 1/6th scale Jack Sparrow Collectible Figure is now taking pre-order! Customers can come to Hot Toys’ Hong Kong Official Store – Secret Base to pre-order starting today! Note: Hot Toys Limited & Hot Toys Secret Base Limited reserve the rights for final decision of the above terms & conditions if changes occur.

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