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Hot Toys GOTG Vol. 2 1/1 Groot Life-Size Collectible Figure

Since the debut of promotional materials from Marvel Studios’ highly anticipated blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, fans were instantly thrilled and captivated by the return of Groot, who has now grown a bit since we last saw him at the end of the first movie! Attendees of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 world premiere all expressed their huge love for Groot after seeing the movie.

Hot Toys Suicide Squad – The Joker (Purple Coat Ver) Final...

“All that chit chat is gonna get ya hurt.”

Hot Toys GOTG Vol. 2 – 1/6th scale Star-Lord (Deluxe Version)

Marvel fans around the world will rejoice as the release of the highly anticipated Marvel Studios’ fun-filled blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, is coming very soon! Set 3 months after the exciting adventure of their first galaxy saving quest, the Guardians of the Galaxy is set on a new journey to become two-time galaxy savers this time around!

Hot Toys GOTG Vol. 2 – 1/6th scale Star-Lord Collectible Figure

The galaxy won’t save itself and it’s up to the Guardians of the Galaxy to save it in the upcoming widely anticipated Marvel Studios blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! As the movie’s debut is edging closer, audience will surely be excited to see how the epic story will unfold in this new adventure!

Hot Toys Rogue One – 1/6th scale Jyn Erso (Imperial Disguise...

為迎接這個年度盛會,繼月初隆重推出了《星球大戰IV: 新希望》Han Solo (Stormtrooper Disguise Version) 1:6比例珍藏人偶後 ,Hot Toys現於星球大戰慶祝大會前夕發佈《俠盜一號:星球大戰外傳》女主角Jyn Erso偽裝帝國軍地勤人員造型的 ─Jyn Erso (Imperial Disguise Version) 1:6比例珍藏人偶作Hot Toys Exclusive,與廣大星戰迷一同迎接星球大戰的年度慶典!

Hot Toys Hot Angel Series – Alien Girl Final Product Photos

Alien Girl, the AVP-inspired original character designed by Hong Kong multimedia artist Mr. Elphonso LAM 林祥焜, has now joined us for a blogger showcase!

Amos Workshop IRON MAN 3 終極一戰 1/9 組合場景 訂製

Amos Workshop "100%"香港製作" "100%"人手打造" IRONMAN 3 終戰- 1/9 組合場景 (另有1/6組合場景) <對 IRONMAN 熱愛不會局限於品牌> "客製"~專為 kingarts 1/9 Ironman 而設! 場景由全金屬製作組成,全部組件加上燈效 前後排高低及轉彎設計,自由组合玩法多變 戰損及舊化處理,自行研發新式蛇管及腰夾 Amos Workshop X Magnum Toys HK 展示區~超過五十款,不同比例,人偶場景及配件 歡迎預約 週六 13:00至19:00pm 門市免費參觀 觀塘業發工業大廈一期七B(MTR Exit...